ACS Publications’ commitment to publishing high-quality research continues to attract impactful research from top authors around the globe.

As the machinery of science continues to turn, ACS is committed to keeping pace. We continue to expand our offerings and improve our existing resources to help scientists accelerate their research and support their careers.

A division of the American Chemical Society, ACS Publications supports researchers through journals, eBooks, newsmagazine Chemical & Engineering News and Lab Safety for General Chemistry.

As a non-profit scholarly publisher, ACS Publications offers:

1. JCE – Journal of Chemical Education –

The journal typically addresses chemical content, laboratory experiments, instructional methods, and pedagogies. JCE serves as a means of communication among people across the world who are interested in the teaching and learning of chemistry.

2. C&EN GE – Chemistry & Engineering News –

C&EN’s experts gather and deliver scientific news and stories from academia, industry, and beyond that can’t be found anywhere else. By bringing it to our award-winning platform, all ACS content— eBooks, journals, news, and reference materials—is now available in one place. A single search location to review results from all content gives readers historic and contextual perspective right alongside peer-reviewed science.

3. ACS In Focus –

ACS In Focus e-books are four- to six-hour reads using non-specialist language that topic newcomers can easily digest and are delivered in our new e-reader platform. The series features a dynamic online platform, which brings content to life with a pop-up glossary, colourful figures/animations, video interviews with top experts in the field, A Day in the Life examples and tutorials, audio podcasts, and more!

4. ACS eBooks complete –

ACS eBooks contain peer-reviewed, novel research that provide a deeper look into a topic. They cover research from 1949 to the present and provide over 37,000 chapters across more than 1,650 books. These books contain essential research by the world’s leading scientists, including the work of 42 Nobel Laureates.

5. ACS Lab Safety for General Chemistry –

The ACS Center for Lab Safety supports and promotes the safe, ethical, responsible, and sustainable practice of chemistry through easy access to authoritative tools, education, training, and guidance.

Teachers and administrators have the opportunity to instil and foster a safety mindset in high school students during some of their earliest exposures to science and laboratory work. The resources on this page will help guide your messaging and curriculum in a “safety” direction. The following guidelines were developed with high school teachers in mind, using the RAMP framework for scientific safety.

ACS Essentials of Lab Safety for General Chemistry is a 90-minute ADA-compliant digital course that prepares high school or undergraduate students to enter the lab for the first time. Compatible with most learning management systems and accessible on all devices, this highly adoptable tool allows instructors to quickly and conveniently build a foundation in lab safety in the classrooms.

  • Authoritative Content
  • Consistent Lab Safety Instructions
  • Seamless LMS Integration
  • Compliant with ADA Accessibility Standards
  • Accessible on Most Common Devices