For K-12 / School


iGroup recognizes the significance of educating and addressing the needs of the K-12 market and schools to cultivate future generations. Our vision is to equip children with innovative and effective digital education solutions in the areas of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, English/Languages, Mathematics, Social Studies, Humanities and Mental Wellness) and capabilities to excel both in school, society and, continually in their lives. At the same time, iGroup supports the education sector through initiating high-quality and innovative solutions to teachers and schools to enhance teachings and learning experiences.


In order to assist the education sector, specifically students, teachers, and administrators, we provide a diverse range of products including ACS Publications, BSD Education, The New York Times, AAA Science, MyStudyWorks, Berliner Philharmoniker, NEOLTH and much more. These products cater to different sectors like classical music, mental health support, science and Arabic texts.

Products for K-12 / School

The American Association for the Advancement of Science — is Science‘s publisher, and a leading voice for the interests of scientists worldwide.

ACS Publications is dedicated to helping researchers advance scientific excellence to solve global challenges through journals, eBooks, scientific programs, and the newsmagazine Chemical & Engineering News. Their commitment continues to attract impactful research.

Al Manhal, the world’s first Arabic full-text database provider, is the result of 20 years of electronic publishing experience of Mohamad Al-Baghdadi.

The Digital Concert Hall is a compendium of the art of classical music composition: the archive contains more than 1700 works…

BSD Education is an educational technology and curriculum organization that partners with schools and education businesses.

The KooBits program is highly engaging, teaching the kids a variety of strategies for approaching and solving different problems.

Medici.TV is an online classical music streaming service with 3,500 musical work filmed from 1940 till the present day. With over 3,000 videos available on demand from world famous composers, concert halls and orchestras…

MyStudyWorks is a digital teaching and learning aid that helps students improve their writing (and associated) skills and provides teachers with an array of tools to better support students.

Nahla wa Nahil, the award winning, e-literacy platform, is scientifically designed to improve outcomes and promote excellence in Arabic learning for K-8 students.

NEOLTH, a technology company that specliases in school-based mental health, provides personalized mental health support to teens and young adults through a self-guided platform.

Ziptales is an online language arts library offering teaching and learning tools for students, parents, teachers, and librarians at all levels. Our library was built by trained educators to enhance children’s reading and writing skills through a blended approach. Our goal is to make children more avid, effective readers by providing them with a service that caters to their individual needs and interests.

MY Access!® is an award-winning online writing instruction and assessment program that accelerates student writing growth and motivates students to write more frequently. It provides immediate scores and continual adaptive, prescriptive feedback. MY Access!® improves student writing proficiency, saves teachers’ time, and empowers them to focus more time on differentiated instruction and intervention.