Nahla wa Nahil, the award winning, e-literacy platform, is scientifically designed to improve outcomes and promote excellence in Arabic learning for K-8 students.Leveraging digital transformation; Nahla wa Nahil ensures a customized learning experience for each child based on their unique learning abilities, while making the entire process fun and interactive.

The Future Belongs to the Curious

Explore the Arabic e-learning platform’s unlimited access to a plethora of Arabic books, audios, videos, educational games, quizzes, in partnership with top-leading Publishers.

As they interact with Nahla wa Nahil, read, comprehend and learn Arabic, children can keep a track of their self-development and add reflections, increasing their brain power, and even enhancing empathic skills.

Nahla wa Nahil, the Arabic Digital Reading Solution is equipped with inbuilt rewarding mechanisms to ensure encouragement and motivation among children.

It displays proven outcomes in improving a child’s Arabic language and reading skills by offering vocabulary and pronunciation support.