For Public Libraries


iGroup aims to help public libraries enhance their offerings by providing a wide range of resources and services to help meet the ever-advancing needs of communities in this 21st century digital age. This will help facilitate open access of information and ideas, while cultivating self-education, culture, digital skills development, social inclusion education and much more in our society.


Our products seek to enrich the public library sector by targeting the international news, Arabic texts, music streaming services, and much more. We offer diverse products including Al Manhal, The New York Times, Nikkei Asia, Medici.TV, Tezuka Osamu Manga, and Wall Street Journal.

Products for Public Libraries

Al Manhal, the world’s first Arabic full-text database provider, is the result of 20 years of electronic publishing experience of Mohamad Al-Baghdadi.

Medici.TV is an online classical music streaming service with 3,500 musical work filmed from 1940 till the present day. With over 3,000 videos available on demand from world famous composers, concert halls and orchestras…

Nikkei provides unparalleled coverage of Japan’s economy, industries, and markets. With 37 global bureaus and over 1,500 journalists, Nikkei is ideally positioned to provide Asian news and analysis to a global audience.

The Manga digital library consolidates Tezuka’s notable anime work, namely Astro Boy, Buddha, Black Jack, Apollo’s Song and Dororo…

WSJ is a business-focused, international daily newspaper. WSJ delivers latest and most authoritative business and markets news, in-depth, and with original insights, as well as tech, politics, opinion, and lifestyle content every day.

Ziptales is an online language arts library offering teaching and learning tools for students, parents, teachers, and librarians at all levels. Our library was built by trained educators to enhance children’s reading and writing skills through a blended approach. Our goal is to make children more avid, effective readers by providing them with a service that caters to their individual needs and interests.