In an age of disinformation, access to trusted facts and analysis has never been more important. The Wall Street Journal has been a trusted name since 1889 for unparalleled analysis and unique reporting, informing decisions that drive the world forward. From M&A scoops to unrivaled political coverage and real-time markets analysis, WSJ helps its readers to unravel a complex world.

We partner with over 300 top universities including Harvard University, Stanford University, Singapore Management University, Bocconi University and Imperial College London. Our university programs give students and faculty members unparalleled access to WSJ’s complete suite of digital products.

A partnership also includes access to classroom tools, which help professors to seamlessly integrate WSJ into their course. We have worked with SMU on two exclusive events for their students, in which WSJ’s editorial team took part in panel discussions hosted by SMU. The most recent discussion was about the future of Asia in the aftermath of the U.S. presidential election, and panelists included WSJ’s Asia editor, China deputy bureau chief and Southeast Asia bureau chief.


  • Global coverage with award-winning journalists are on the ground in 45 countries, when and where news happens.
  • Customizable profiles to tailor news and updates to your personal needs.
  • Accessible news wherever you are in the world with the WSJ suite of device apps.
  • Full access to WSJ US, Europe and Asia editions on the digital platform.

Benefits for the Students

  • Deeply understand the subtitles of the global market place through current global news and probing analysis of markets, corporations, financials and technology.
  • We help students better understand business theories they are learning and be conversant on business topics in class and on interviews with insights and analysis of current events.
  • Time – saving customization with personalized alerts, searches, and gathering of news and information.
  • An immediate access – their way: online and on mobile devices anytime, anywhere.

Benefits for the School

As an established part of course curricula, The Wall Street Journal signals your university’s commitment to sending the best-prepared graduates into the workforce. It serves to:

  • Provide a cost-effective, easy solution to enhance course content and encourage student participation.
  • Support the university’s reputation and visibility among top industry recruiters.
  • Improve the placement prospects of graduates through better preparedness.

A partnership also includes access to classroom tools like WSJ Context, which help professors to seamlessly integrate WSJ into their course.

Easy Implementation

Faculty are able to seamlessly incorporate Journal content into university curricula with teaching tools:

  • Free Weekly Review Emails – timely, relevant Journal news and analysis in the discipline of their choice.
  • Free Curriculum Integration ideas – flexible, faculty-tested methods for including in lesson plans and stimulating student discussion.
  • Full access to WSJ suite of content and resources.

If you would like to know more about how we partner with universities, please register your interest below and we will be in touch soon.