ARTiFACTS provides a simple, user-friendly platform, purpose-built for academic and scientific research that establishes the provenance of research outputs and accelerates sharing and recognition of contributions to the scholarly record.

How to make your unpublished work citable?

There are so many valuable materials generated during the research process, and they are discarded or not used in the final published form. They might be as valuable as a research paper, but how could one make them discoverable, reusable, even citable without good publishing?


ARTiFACTS enables researchers to create an immutable record of their unpublished research outputs so they can be securely shared – expanding access to vital information and accelerating discovery.

Researchers record a permanent, valid, and immutable chain of their work in real-time, from the earliest stages of research for all scientific and scholarly artifacts, including citing and attribution transactions.

Stakeholder organizations benefit from gaining new insights into the research process in terms of outcomes, productivity and expertise.

Breakthrough the constraints of traditional research accreditation processes

You now have the power to collaborate in real-time, confidently and safely share your work earlier in the process, and get the credit you deserve every step of the way – advancing your career while simultaneously advancing research

  • Keep all your research artifacts organised in one place and establish linkages in real-time for discovery and attribution
  • Provide and receive ‘realtime’ attribution for novel work so you can rapidly build and demonstrate your body of scholarly contributions
  • Ensure provenance by transacting and time stamping your artifacts on the distributed ledger
Leverage the power of the distributed ledger in your research workflow – in real time!

Using blockchain for the real-time recognition of academic research, researchers can:

  • quickly establish proof of existence of their research output
  • safely share research output to accelerate discovery
  • get the credit when the output is reused or referenced to

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