The AWS Digital Library unlocks the world of metallurgy, welding process technology, and related engineering and manufacturing sciences for academia. Our platform gives access to unique content from the American Welding Society which has not been readily available before, including standards, reference materials, periodicals, and instructional videos. Additionally, the Digital Library includes a wide range of journals from across the web that have been indexed and made discoverable in the platform. Users will experience an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that provides multiple pathways to search, discover, and retrieve relevant content, supplementing and enhancing instructional plans, coursework, and studies. The AWS Digital Library delivers a wealth of content to academia and the subscription pricing is developed with academic budgets in mind.

BENEFITS Unique Content:

Standards: AWS is the sole producer of its welding standards which are the national standards in the USA (ANSI accredited).

Reference Books: Our books include the AWS Welding Handbook series, Welding Metallurgy, Brazing Handbook, as well as others.

Periodicals: Welding Journal, Inspection Trends, and Spraytime are AWS periodicals that have long been member benefits without wide public distribution. Now these periodicals and their archives are delivered through the AWS Digital Library.

Added Journal Content: Indexed journals across all disciplines from the web. Generally hard to find titles that contain important discoveries and prior art and are now accessible through the periodicals package.

Videos: Instructional videos that give insights into fundamentals, processes, and health and safety considerations of welding and metallurgy.