CNBKSY-Shanghai Library, meaning national periodical and newspaper indexing was founded in 1955 by Shanghai Library, entrusted by the China’s Ministry of Culture. CNBKSY-Shanghai Library also is renowned as one of the ten major cultural brands of Shanghai library, focusing on not only contemporary publications, but also Modern literatures.

CNBSKY-Shanghai Library started as a printed journal aiming at gathering and revealing the content of all newspapers and periodicals published nationwide and has become the earliest comprehensive search tool of Chinese newspapers and periodicals ever launched in China. Today it has developed from the original printed journal into a comprehensive knowledge service system that integrates an online service platform with printed versions.

Shanghai Library has over 53 million collections of Chinese and foreign literature including modern periodicals, books of modern China, old photographs, genealogy, local chronicles, and personage archives in China and so on.


Chinese Periodical Full Text database (1911 – 1949)

The period from 1911 to 1949 is noted for profound social reforms in China. It witnessed increasingly booming publications of a variety of the periodicals along with social transformations and ideological emancipation. Reflecting various historical aspects of that particular period, the periodicals are referred to as the first-hand materials for the research. contains 12 series (over 20,000 titles including almost all periodicals published in modern China)

Chinese Periodical of Modern China-Literature Collection (1872~1949)

The literature collection includes literature periodicals published during 1872 to 1949. It contains 278 titles, amounting to over 660,000 pages. In order to ensure professionalism, CNBSKY worked with Chicago University to select the titles to ensure its professionalism.

CNBKSY has specifically selected 298 literature periodicals, amounting to over 660,000 pages, for full text digital identification, and has built a high-quality database called Chinese Periodical of Modern China – Literature Collection (OCR), making a leap in the development of digital literature services. Modern Chinese literature forms an integral part of the Chinese Periodicals and are in number and cornerstone of academic research in related fields.

Chinese Periodical of Modern China-Film Collection (1921~1949)

The film collection selected 325 titles of cinematic periodicals with over 130,000 articles published during 1921~1949. It records films, film reviews, filmmakers and film events in Modern China.

Based on the collection and through extensive search and resource sharing over years. Among them, cinematography periodicals are considerable in number and cover a wide range of topics. As witnesses to the developments and changes of China’s film industry during its early years, they truly record massive film reviews, filmmakers and film events in Modern China, thus deemed of irreplaceable historical significance and research value.

Contemporary Periodical Indexing Database (1980~2021)

The Contemporary Periodical Index is a complete and comprehensive collection of periodicals across disciplines in Social Sciences as well as Science and Technology.


Books of Modern China, 1840 – 1949 - Over 120,000 titles of Modern Books, including numerous rare editions.

Publications from 1840 to 1949 witnessed the radical changes of Chinese society from politics, economy, culture, education and other aspects, which are considered valuable historically and academically.

Among the 120,000 books collected in Books of Modern China (1840~1949), many are rare books, such as first editions of famous writers’ books.


Chinese and English Newspaper of Modern China 1850 – 1952

The Chinese and English Newspaper of Modern China (1850-1952) includes all kinds of newspapers published in modern China and provides access to a record of Chinese society then, it offers complete materials for professional and comprehensive representation of modern history and will promote a new stage in the study of modern Chinese history and culture.

Picture Gallery:

The picture gallery of Chinese Modern Literature 1833 -1949

As an important means of retaining memory and reproducing scenes, images are a crucial form of historical narration, as well as a vital proof of historical interpretation. The Picture Gallery of Chinese Modern Literature (1833-1949) (“The Picture Gallery” for Short) is CNBKSY’s in-depth excavation and revelation of the pictures in Chinese Modern Literature.