The Source For Reliable Market Forecasting

At this moment of global uncertainty, accurate and reliable market forecasts are more critical than ever to achieving success. Forecast International stands committed to producing the market intelligence you need to navigate the challenging road forward. For over 45 years, we have been setting the standard for defense and aerospace research and analysis. We can assure you that we will remain resolute in delivering actionable intelligence that reduces uncertainties and makes the future as predictable as it can be.


Platinum Forecast System

Superior in every respect. Platinum sits directly online and is operated live by the client, who accesses information via a menu. Breaking news and updated forecast data are transmitted instantly to clients around the world. Platinum provides 10 years of historical data and 15 years of forecast data.



Clients receive quarterly updated disks containing any combination of subscribed-to services. Sold on the basis of a licensed operating period, each quarterly disk is time-dated. Each disk is licensed to one user, as identified on the invoice of the sale. Note that shipping and handling costs apply.



A traditional electronic system with 10-year forecast data in which updated information is available online from the time it is posted to our Intelligence Center. Individual reports, Market Segment Analyses, and appendices are updated at least twice yearly, while Interim Updates provide breaking news on new developments.



Provided initially as a complete binder; monthly supplements of reports in hard-copy format are shipped via courier services during the annual subscription period. This service lacks the timeliness of our other formats, but provides the advantage of a printed account for ready reference. Note that shipping and handling costs apply.