Scholytics is a research evaluation platform that covers scholarly performance data of over 170,000 institutions and 25 million authors in 230 countries. Scholytics aims to be the transparent reference and analytical tool for effectively evaluating research performance. With the launch of the platform in August in South Korea, Scholytics is quickly expanding to service the global academic community.

Scholytics Intorduction

We believe performance-based resource allocation motivates researchers to increase their performance. To facilitate this, Scholytics provides various metrics and analytical tools for effectively measuring the scholarly performance of institutions and authors: ​It has outstanding coverage of journals including those indexed by well-known indices such as SCIE and Scopus, as well as local publications, coupled with handy search filter options. Furthermore, users are able to select up to five institutions and conveniently see data results in the comparison view. Another unique advantage is that Scholytics has categorized data at the academic unit/department level of institutions, allowing users to view and evaluate metrics of specific areas of research.