The new Writing and Publishing solution for Researchers and Libraries


Engaged Researchers & Students

SciFlow was designed specifically to solve the problems research academics encounter when writing and publishing their work. So it’s no wonder they enjoy using it. This is demonstrated by the remarkably high level of engagement among our users. Sciflow researchers spend 30 hours a week using the editor. That is more time than office workers spend using e-mail, Slack and WhatsApp combined.

Instant collaboration across all devices

At Sciflow, we believe true open access means removing barriers to successful collab-oration, whatever they are. So there will never be any hidden transaction costs. No problems authorizing authors from other institutions. No technological barriers with operating systems. No licensing issues or compatibility problems with older versions. SciFlow is a central platform, accessible on any device with an internet connection. Everything you need, in one place. So you can easily collaborate with others without the hassle of sending different versions via e-mail.

We automate routine tasks

Research papers have very specific requirements. Reference management and formatting to journal specs cost time for little added value. We have automated all of the fiddly formatting and other annoying tasks. And we have integrated the tools researchers need – such as reference and citation managers like Citavi, Endnote, Mendeley and Zotero. SciFlow users don’t have to switch between applications. They can concentrate on producing good work.